fashion party/fashion clothes

On Thursday we attended the Obakki F/W 2011 show. It was haunting and so romantic, as it was set in a church filled with hundreds of white flickering candles. We sat in VIP pews and drooled over the luxe fabrics and hemlines. We saw lots of long dresses and lace, paired with dauntingly badass platform boots. 
The show opened with this song's bass echoing throughout the church. Well done.
Thanks to the beautiful Paige for the invite and the gorgeous Kayley for her contribution to all the looks we got walking down the street. It was a good night. 

sadness is a blessing

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to post it, Lykke Li is tough stuff ever since her last album and I adore it, photos coming soon from my 2 day trip to Vancouver! It was the loveliest it could have ever been. 




I don't really know what to say, Obakki show tomorrow and Fleet Foxes the next. I have been watching a lot of freaks and geeks as well as being extremely productive. So excited for the future and what it entails, and sending out positivity to those I love who deserve it the most.
Always keep heart close.



what we listen to

 jj - Still 
jj - New Work
jj - High End
Lately we've been listening to a lot of the smooth stylings of jj. 
The Swedish duo have it going on. Their most recent album, "Kills", delivers the hits one after one as they feature Dre, MIA, our boy Yeezy, and even Biggie! What more could you ask for? Nothin.

baby blues

Above are images from the Shakuhachi S/S 11 line that I absolutely adore, and editorial with Bambi for 10 magazine shot by Tierney Gearon and Anja. You can tell that most of these are lacy and white, but I liked the light blue and gold that comes out of some of the images. I have been so busy this weekend and Rachel and I broke the cleanse with some easter chocolate skype date eating, we were so silly and I cried from laughter as we both grooved to Beyonce and The Weeknd. Tomorrow I have an interview with an amazing little store, and I am so hopeful I get the position! Wish me luck. I have two more days of school this week and then I will be heading to the Obakki fall fashion show and a Fleet Foxes concert! I am so excited to spend time in the city. 
That is all for now, keep inspired and carry on.



gimme some sugar

I'm not much of a complainer but this fucking cleanse/diet has got my whining like an upperclass brat. I don't why I thought taking one of my main sources of pleasure (sugar) out of my life would be a good idea. Bonny is seemingly the stronger one in this battle, and is coaxing me through by inspiring me to make good healthy food (oxymoron). But goddamn what I would do for a cupcake right about now.

some symmetry



This is the art work I have created in the last week, collage and indian ink. I talked to my art teacher and it looks like I will be doing a lot of these the next couple months to finish off my portfolio, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. It makes me realize though that I need to photograph more of my friends. Time for bed.



Wanting this in and around my mouth so hard right now.

This is what I ate today:

green apple
rice and fish

This is what I want to eat:

French bread
smoked gruyere

Que distractions. 

4th month, 20th day

We keep it classy. Until we're caught.

Happy April 20th.



bill murray & sofia coppola 

First day of the cleanse and I feel good, full even at the moment. I came home early and slept and I haven't really gotten out of bed since, instead looking at different designs trying to be inspired to make a final purchase for my grad dress. I am going to take advantage of this weekend and have a relaxing calming time, aside from work and one party, my weeks are going to start to pick up. Next weekend Rachel and I will be going to the Obakki fashion show with Paige and Kayley-Rae and then Fleet Foxes. Above are some images that were inspiring me for my big day, I adore the beige leather/nipples jacket, and the editorial with Alexa Chung and her classic style is so good.
All I really want is to look nice and classy, I would love to wear Lover, but for now I am only dreaming.


I am currently in the process of making a gorgeous full-length dress out of the aforementioned blush/beige fabric I found. It's nice to see fly honies sporting said attire, which just so happens to be my very favourite get-up at the moment. Paired with a leather jacket? The best!