blues and whites

Hello again.


Sorry world

Love Aesthetics

Hello world, I big apology for the lack of communication and inspiration. To be honest it has been one crazy summer of hot hot heat, pool hopping, and lazing in the parc without a care. This week it currently dropped from 30 to 13 degrees and reminded me that summer is fading fast.

I also am disappointed because Fall means Fall wear, and although I love chunky knits and jeans (there is no way in hell you could get me into any of these this summer it was SO humid), I am also going to miss pastels and white. So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, GOODBYE. 

Anyway, these are a couple videos that really caught my attention. Check them out, and more to come soon! 



for the boys

"Four Horsemen Shop is proud to present the works of local artist Lukas Behrndt. Lukas has created a series of original paintings inspired by the approaching Fall season and the shop's exciting line up of brands. By reinterpreting the imagery of lines such as A.P.C., Dana Lee and Our Legacy in the context of his unique style, Lukas has succeeded in producing a striking visual presentation and a fresh entry into the lookbook genre. We will be releasing further details shortly, including a confirmed date for opening night." -via Four Horsemen

I have been meaning to share this video for a while due to it's sheer greatness.
There's nothing I appreciate more than people doing cool shit, and when
those people are your friends it's even cooler. The Four Horsemen shop, recently
dubbed one of the top 20 best men's stores in Canada by Sharp Magazine, and Lukas Behrndt's phenomenal art are really putting YYJ on the map. 
See more from Lukas here.
Visit Four Horsemen here. 
Video by Kyle Bowman


pony luv

Since recently coming across the track 'Aube' by the French/English musical duo Appaloosa,
I have fallen for their minimal but haunting and alluring sound. See for yourself.



Have not posted in a long time - my apologies, as summer starts my time on
the internet decreases significantly. This is what has been up  me:

- 30 Degree weather and playing in the park until dark
- Working all the time pays off to a promotion
- Watched Lost in Translation again and Breakfast Club for the first time
- Finished reading Lolita and began to read Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen
- Bicycling here, there, everywhere..

Hopefully more personal images will be coming soon, 
all I have are Instagram posts and I think everyone deserves much better quality.

Thank you and goodnight!