Clarisse Demory

Clarisse Demory's flat located in Bulgaria is a minimalistic dream.
The cement walls have accents of pastel pinks, and the dried flowers, antique
wood and natural light.. they are inexplicable.
I am in awe, view more images here.



~*~*~*~sWeEt SiXtEeN 4 eVeR~*~*~**~

It is my 1 tru luv (and co-founder/creator/C.E.O. of This Symmetry)'s b-day today, 
and it kills me that she's across the country and I can't personally deliver 
the mad birthday rap I've been workin' on all year for her. These kids
do a pretty good job gettin' across what I wanna say to here though. 
Eat cake on top of cake, food on top of food, etc. 
B is one of the greatest gals alive, and besides being a fly honey, 
talented artist, good cuddler, bad whistler, and muse to many,




"KONY 2012"

At first I was touched, tears grew in my eyes as I watched the scenes of the young rebel's in Uganda.
People and atrocities I had heard of before but had failed to pay attention to.
 Then, almost directly after watching, my stomach churned. I realized how uncomfortable the film had made me feel - not necessarily for the imagery, disturbing as it was, but for how it was depicting people of varying regions.  I cannot speak for the citizens of Uganda, my knowledge of their culture, country and continent is limited, but from all the responses to the 'Kony 2012' film (and all the criticisms) it is my understanding that they did not agree with how their country was being portrayed.
And neither do I.
 The immediate reaction for many people of North America was to donate to this organization, 'Invisible Children.' Essentially, high off of the emotional charge the film 'Kony 2012' had, they felt the impulse to buy into something that would improve their social activism. I understand, I felt the urge to as well.
There is nothing wrong with donating to a charity, but it is important to understand it's intent and do some research into what it is your putting your money into. Isn't it the same with making any other purchase? Before buying something, don't you sometimes take a night to sleep on it?
Lastly, understanding the difference between donating globally and acting locally.
It may seem like your top priority is to stop Joseph Kony and save the Ugandan Rebels, but
 think realistically for a moment. What else could you do to improve situations within
 your environment and society? For those that have already bought their 'action kits',
 congratulations, but I hope this won't be your final donation to a community,
 whether that be close to home or a continent away.
 Everything counts, that's all for now.




In my history of twentieth century fashion course, we have discussed the concept of the 'sexual'
 side of clothing. When pieces are made to create a desire for them to be taken off. In (some)
 African societies where nudity is more common than cloth, tribal and animal prints
 become more attractive on a woman. I liked the images above for their simple and special
 connotations, nudity and intimacy in the morning.

Today I cleaned my room, went to the gym, and studied a large amount. I think all the 
water I drank improved my attitude and behaviour, I'm jovial and energetic. I had quinoa and
asparagus for dinner and now I am drinking ginger tea and studying for a paper.
It is my birthday and I am excited to celebrate it with people I adore!



hello, is it me your lookin fo'?

HELLO, Rachel and I have been so busy with our lives (Rachels life sans-internet),
 but I hope y'all have faith that when we get the time we will update you! There are so many 
exciting prospects for the future, Montreal is getting warmer and Coachella is looking like a go!
Hope everyone is well, and we'd like to give a thanks for the support,
 were almost at 100,000 views! Eeeee...!