crystal and cotton

This is the newest addition to my countertop, amongst the colt 45 bottles and deer skeletons there is now a quarts crystal cluster. I purchased it today among other gifts for my friends, feeling the new year spirit flutter. I do not know what im doing tonight, im lingering on the idea of a last minute decision, but I know it will be good and filled with sparklers and shouts.


Comin' Through - The War On Drugs by livkend


i am

Ok, enough, after listening to his album repetitively I have realized I am truly in love.
He has some 80's rock and roll thing going on, and he likes muscle cars and writing songs and I am head over heels, his album 'Forget' is unforgettable and his lyrics make me wish he was singing about me.


Twin Shadow - Castles in the Snow

Irwin Barbé

By my new favourite, Irwin BarbĂ©.
So what is it that makes that raw, simplistic style of photography so attractive? Is it because you only see what you want to see? Or because only a select group of people will be able to appreciate it? For instance, I don't think my grandparents would be able to see the beauty in it, but rather the fact that the main subject is out of focus. I don't know what I'm saying, I just want to know why it turns me on the way it does. But I guess that's part of the magic. 


i am drinking red wine and this video reminds me of all the simplicity and complexities of youth love, and past summers come undone. i am so thankful for my experiences. today a man came into my work and gave me a cohiba cigar for my new year celebration, another friend came and brought me fox fur, and last but not least a friend gave me a beer, i consider these as my late christmas gifts.
i am so excited for the future and the new year.


this one goes

this is for all the beautiful things in my life, and the beautiful people who support it.
i was feeling rather negative, but i did some art work and spoke to the people i admire and appreciate and they turned it around, i am always surprised by how i am effected by others.


I think it's really cool when cool people get married. I think it's especially cool if the cool people do cool things together while married. Point in case? Cotton Jones. I have loved them for a while but I just found out that they're married. How wonderful. If you aren't familiar with them, fall in love with this.
I went for tea today with my Nana. 


bonjour followers and friends,
i have just returned from a strange sad haze, and i got out of that from thinking brightly of the future and having a goodnights sleep.  soon i will be back at school, so for the rest of the holidays i have planned a new years trip with rachel and i am doing lots of art and taking my time to acknowledge the beauty of my surroundings, i hope you are too.


Women ) China Steps by An Endless Supply
Via Pia


what a beautiful contrast.
Girls - "Heartbreaker" from The Tearist on Vimeo.

to much wanderlust, too little no dangerous

The ultimate white bed
Me in Mexico
Kurt Vile - Freeway 


if you're feeling sinister/whimsical


Holla at Mudchicken for his tasteful collages. 

I had an amazing Christmas, and I hope you did too. Usually my Christmas's waiver on the line between being shitty and just ok, but I've been pretty proactive lately, and decided to take it upon myself to have a nice Christmas. My preparation began weeks before, engaging in social festivities and being consciously kinder. I think I bought about two presents this year, one of which consisted of a martini shaker for my brother, and the other I won't mention. The rest I made. It felt pretty good.