busy bee

So I just moved to Montreal and unfortunately at the moment I don't have internet access, so until then my post will be rare, brief but hopefully leaving you wanting more. We went to see The War On Drugs the other night and that was DIVINE, not only did they play my favorite Fleetwood Mac while we awaited their presence, but Porcelain Raft (whose signed with 'Secretly Canadian' a wicked label) a one man band that played my heart strings gently while continuing get me to rock out is definitely one to check out. Anyways, I am now going to school, working and living with my best friend and the sweetest animals on earth. Therefore, the east is equally as beautiful as the west and I haven't felt homesick once.. I promise to post photos soon, I feel backlogged with information and photographs but they will all come very soon. Thank you all for being loving and Rach should keep you in the know for now.


things I'm diggin':

sweet treats
running off the sweet treats in these sick kicks
beach daze



Went to my fourth music festival this summer last night. Rock of the Woods was held at an intimate venue by the beach and since I knew half the performers there it kind of just felt like a really cool backyard BBQ but with waffles instead of BBQ. My friends are there currently drinking whiskey and dancing in the sun and I have to go to work looking like a hungover flowerchild. Wah wah, poor me. 


we love you

Even though we've been assholes who have a blog but don't post anything on it for the majority of this summer, we want to sincerely thank you for those who have stayed true and kept coming back. Ya'll are sexy. And p.s. I just developed 6 rolls of films so pix r cumming.



Life has been too real lately to post. It's been a big fucking whirlwind of cool shit. How we got to have such awesome lives, we may never know. Slowly but surely we will be recapping our summer, because WE HAVE DONE SOME REALLY NEAT STUFF THAT WE WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE BEEN NEGLECTING YA'LL WE STILL THINK OF YOU EVERY NIGHT BEFORE WE GO TO BED. 
As for right now, Bonny has just moved to the East Coast to study her smart lil' heart out, and I am planning on leaving next for L.A. and N.Y. I do believe. 



Wouldn't mind a piece of that
Since I got home from sunny San Francisco (pictures coming soon) I have been busy with sun-kissed salty beauties and beer, smiling and shining and being creative, and saying my goodbyes. I am going to miss the summer ease and the days off spent laying in bed watching movies, but I leave to Montreal in four days! (haven't had the time to pack yet) Busy as hell but these images are what summers all about, dig into them.




Tomorrow I will be on a flight to San Francisco to meet up with my darling Rachel and Sky, and although I know we will be listening to a lot of different things, this was the soundtrack to my last weekend and my last weekend was beautiful. Not only was it spent drinking whiskey with funny friends, it also included giving rides to semi-strangers who were constantly breaking into song whilst this mix-tape played. Cork Grips is just one of those really awesome guy blogs that make you want to move to Philadelphia and get married nice and young, I guess California will have to cut it for now. 
 The verdict: catchy as hell and a great ice breaker.


the art of stripes



in living colour

1. Jeffrey Campbell Short Boot  2. Liberty Sunglasses 3. RGB 1996 Nail Varnish
4. Tsovet Watch  5. Aubin & Wills Top  6. Leather iPad Case  7. Hansel from Basel Socks
8. Narciso Rodriguez Musk  9. Ruin: Photographs of a Vanishing America
10. Klaus Haapaniemi Cushion  11. Steven Alan Bucket Bag 12. Klar Curd Soap
13. Felt Envelope

Life has been too overwhelmingly happenin' to even sit still for a minute these past few weeks, which explains the lack of posts, but we're about to jump back on it. I just arrived to San Francisco yesterday morning and have since been constantly reminded why this is one of my favourite cities. We hope all your summer dreams have been coming true, and thanks for staying with us. We love you. Until next time, here's a nice little mash-up of our main men: