baby blues

Above are images from the Shakuhachi S/S 11 line that I absolutely adore, and editorial with Bambi for 10 magazine shot by Tierney Gearon and Anja. You can tell that most of these are lacy and white, but I liked the light blue and gold that comes out of some of the images. I have been so busy this weekend and Rachel and I broke the cleanse with some easter chocolate skype date eating, we were so silly and I cried from laughter as we both grooved to Beyonce and The Weeknd. Tomorrow I have an interview with an amazing little store, and I am so hopeful I get the position! Wish me luck. I have two more days of school this week and then I will be heading to the Obakki fall fashion show and a Fleet Foxes concert! I am so excited to spend time in the city. 
That is all for now, keep inspired and carry on.


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