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'Old Flames available here'
Courtesy of Angela Miller.
For our first interview, we are so lucky to be introducing someone so talented and compassionate as Jeremy Lee Given. A southern gentlemen, Jeremy is from Knoxville, Tennessee and has recently released his first album 'Old Flames.' I first came across his music on Dracula Horse in January and have been listening to it religiously since. His track 'Lorraine' left me chain-smoking in cynicism, while his other tracks left me singing for days, to the point where I felt almost embarrassed for indulging in one album for such an extended period of time.  Then, through some fateful happening I got in contact with him, and in his sweet genuine style he confirmed his interest to be our very first interview, here are the topics we discussed...

When did you start getting involved in music, your first instrument?
Music came to me at a very early age. I was listening to soft rock stations in my mom's car
and singing in my church choir in Knoxville, TN. My first instrument was piano and I started taking lessons
when I was 5.
Tell us a little about your album art and how it came to be?
The album art was a collage by Allston, MA artist/poet/dreamer Luke Alvine. 
I had some pretty good ideas for what I wanted, but Luke came to me and was feeling
very strongly about doing this specific piece.  
(You can view his work here.)

What makes you laugh?
Actually, Luke Alvine makes me laugh almost every day.
What or who are your inspirations?
My inspirations are always changing, but currently I am really inspired by nature and
the beauty of the natural world. 
What does your dream home entail?

A lot of natural light and stone and beautiful furniture. It also has to be located somewhere with a pretty temperate climate. 
And on that note, what fills your dreams? 
My dreams are often filled with really horrifying apocalyptic nonsense. My dreams usually kind of suck.

What are the influences for your lyrics, fiction or history?
It's a little of both. Most of the songs are stories or emotions from the past that get dressed 
up a bit with the lyrics. Historical fiction?
If you could recommend an artist, who would it be?
I am probably preaching to the choir here, but Twin Shadow's Forget is one of the most eloquent new rock records I've heard. 
We completely agree, then what have you been listening to aside from Twin Shadow lately?
The last two records I listened to were Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66 and
Yazoo - Upstair's at Erics.
Space or ghosts?
Ghosts, didn't you listen to my record?
Well then, ghosts or baby bunnies?
Baby bunnies.
What is your favourite fashion trend for women?
A woman's ability to be creative is not only telling of her own personality, but her confidence in
showing off what she thinks is in right now. I actually do a whole lot of thrifting myself and there is 
nothing sexier than meeting a really stylish girl in a thrift store. Short haircuts are also really beautiful
and I think that's in right now too. 
And last but not least,  Eazy E or Biggie?
Absolutely Biggie, are you serious? Juicy on vinyl will never get old no matter how many times
I listen to it on headphones by myself.

If you haven't gotten it already, he is a total keeper, you can donate/download his album from his bandcamp and I sincerely suggest you do, below are some taste test but if you donate for his album you get some super special extra track treats.. what more could you ask for? 


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