material objects I wish to possess

Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille perfume
New album by San Francisco's Dominant Legs
Sibylle Baier's Colour Green on vinyl
These badass babies for NY
This amazing painting that I'm obsessed with that was done by
Henry Wanjala of Uganda.
All proceeds of his work go towards his tuition.
 I'm trying to get together as much as I can to get this piece. 
Please and thank you.

Autumn in New York

I'm going to the place so nice they named it twice with my modeling agency in October. I'm excited as sin, I just hope it doesn't eat me up. I'll be staying in Manhattan, but inconveniently enough the Chelsea Hotel has stopped accepting guests. How unbecoming! 


c'est bon

Youth Lagoon has a very special place in our hearts.
Immediately when I saw this I felt compelled to post it to our dear neglected blog. As we have less time these days, and as our friend Kayley Rae has said, "[I've been] busy living the dream as opposed to dreaming of it", it's hard to do what we once did all the time as a distraction from doing things we didn't want to do. BUT NOW WE GET TO DO WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT!
And I'm going to New York baby!

monster rally

Sitting in a cafe, drinking black coffee and shaking a little from the caffeine high, this brings a smile to my face as I reminisce on swimming in rivers and camping and the smell of campfire. I wasn't able to do this enough all summer so its comforting that I can relive it whenever I wish with this video, you can buy Monster Rally's music here!!


montreal so far

Pierrot le fou! Our little puppy dog.
The War On Drugs - incredible show
An old woman pairs prints, hip as hell
My Salt Spring lambskin and my bed
My roomate/best friend
During Irene, my stormy windowsil
5$ Pitcher night is always promising
As you can see, life has been looking pretty good (and tasting and feeling good too), I have been out and about, educating and partying myself thin. Yesterday I went and had nachos (an incredible plethora of cheese, beans, salsa and cream cheese) and cream ale with my new sweet friend Charlotte, I was extremely delusional because I had only had a couple hours of sleep but it was a beautiful little afternoon filled with the sun. We had our Nacho's at a place called Casa Del Poppolo (also the venue I attended for  War on Drugs) and I am rather smitten by it and its velvety red couches. Anyways, I start work next week and school is entertaining for the most part.