bill murray & sofia coppola 

First day of the cleanse and I feel good, full even at the moment. I came home early and slept and I haven't really gotten out of bed since, instead looking at different designs trying to be inspired to make a final purchase for my grad dress. I am going to take advantage of this weekend and have a relaxing calming time, aside from work and one party, my weeks are going to start to pick up. Next weekend Rachel and I will be going to the Obakki fashion show with Paige and Kayley-Rae and then Fleet Foxes. Above are some images that were inspiring me for my big day, I adore the beige leather/nipples jacket, and the editorial with Alexa Chung and her classic style is so good.
All I really want is to look nice and classy, I would love to wear Lover, but for now I am only dreaming.


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