2 all the h8ers

First cigarette cravings are frightening me, I guess you can't get away with smoking everyday or maybe its the hormones that are off. Anyways, today was peculiar, all lovely until the final touch.
I hope I wake up clearer and happier, here is the salad I made today.
I make the best salads, Rachel's coming over tomorrow.


what's cookin', Kanye?



wanderlust or bust

Watch, even though it may ruin the plot we like this a lot.


unbelievable shit

These bags by Vlieger & Vandam are genius works, and just inspire us so much.
We cannot wait to get our hands on leather, and to create so many different beautiful things.
I hope you enjoy this incredible work as much as we did.


deliberate start

The view out my bedroom window this morning!

Okay, lets get serious here. This is what happens when you and your friends get a little too rowdy and end up watching Milo and Otis and eating nutella. This has happend a little too often, but I appreciate every single second of it. Tomorrow I start my first day of school of my last semester, and I am so excited. I am going to read tonight and relax because shits about to get real.
I came across this when searching for Milo and Otis, what a great collaboration.


have a heart

Snejana Onopka in Stephane Rolland Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011.
Bambi's gotta be really lame in person.
There's no way she can be the most attractive creature on the planet
and still be cool.
I just made my favourite snack ever. Salade au chevre chaud.
I discovered it in a quaint little cafe in Montmartre when 
I was staying in Paris. I ended up walking to it almost every evening from 
my apartment for a glass of wine, a  cigarette, the busboy, 
but mostly the salad which consists of: 
fresh baby lettuces, a toasted baguette drizzled in honey (key), some incredible 
raspberry vinaigrette, and last but not least, the half baked goat's cheese. 
It occurred to me a little while ago that I could in fact recreate, 
or attempt rather, the incredibly well put together meal of my dreams 
in the comfort of my own home. Of course I would rather have it made for me 
and served by a cute garçon after a long day of riding the metro 
and foraging through French flea markets, 
but my rendition usually suffices.

Sleigh Bells' official video for Rill Rill debuted on my birthday. 

I like to think it was planned that way.



Above is an item which I currently wish to possess from Opening Ceremony that I found at Addiction Boutique. That place really has it going on. I hope to work with them again soon. For the past few days I've been living off a diet consisting of birthday cake and lemon curd. No complaints. 
Shot from a shoot with Stef from Addiction.
Evil Twin motorcycle vest, Alexander Wang sweatpants. 


After work today I went searching through the local thrift stores, I bought this lovely warm camel coat and striped shirt. Special, and yesterday I made this extraordinary pink juice. The ingredients were apples, celery, ginger and beet! It was delicious, and spicy.
I love the new Panda Bear, its unreal.