Insight has been one of my favourite labels for the past 3 years, and this little video shows their simple brilliance. Today I spent time with Rachel, DIY a pair of cow boy boots (soon to come), and hung out lazily. I am planning on purchasing my plane tickets to Montreal and San Francisco tomorrow and I am so ready to be out of BC, I was also talking to a girl from Montreal today about getting into a communal urban garden.. the future is pretty bright.

these days

Reading by the pool. About what to do if an alligator attacks
and how to jump from a motorcycle to a car.
Relevant to my life.
Bonny and I went for lunch. Ginger yam soup,
olive and thyme grilled cheesed with roasted tomatoes, and a salad. 
We wanted a treat after, so we resorted to fresh local strawberries.
They were good but didn't suffice.
We had cookies and pumpkin pie after. At least we tried.
This is what we've been up to. My mini-vacation which consisted of lounging by the pool and eating copious amounts of good food is coming to a close, but I'm feeling too gluttonous to be upset.  I've got lots of art and work planned, but tomorrow we get to play again because it's Canada Day! 


chateau dreams

As if you were not already in love with James Franco, and since he is now working with Harmony Korine (which is what really wins our hearts at This Symmetry) prepare be in awe of these photographs he took of Agnes Deyn and a couple other models. The shoot is set at the Chateau Marmont in LA and is just a sneak peek into his film, filled with motorcycles, nudity, and uni-sex appeal. 


oh and lesson of the day:



These are a few of the things I purchased in Vancouver today, since it is late I won't be posting about the highlights of my day trip, but they are soon to come. Displayed above is as follows; a sheer beige maxi skirt, suede beige leather skirt, leather carry bag, army jacket, clogs, and altoids. I was so blissed today with all the beautiful fabrics and colours, it really excited me for the big city. I also happened to notice the subtle but delightful design that both Marlboro and these mints share, I am lusting for some deep hues. Yay, my beige addiction is coming to an end!... almost. 


what we listen to

I could not even dream of more perfect music to listen to right now. The commencement of summer has got me playing Youth Lagoon's three songs over and over again, and I have yet to grow tired of his dreamy, nostalgic, romance-tinged low-fi beats. 
Fulfil all your summer dreams and hear what I'm talking about HERE.



Today's one of the first actual summery days we've had so far and I'm taking full advantage of it by lounging like a motherfucker by the pool, doin' my nails n' shit. I have 4 days off which I am quite pleased about and intend to indulge in them wholeheartedly. 
Yay summer!



Beth Hoeckel is something special, she makes me want to only do collage forever.


so glorious


waking up to white roses

I woke up to a dozen white roses today, which wasn't hard to do. I got home after the sun had risen and crawled into my haven of a bed. I had so much love for everybody last night, and it is staying with me. Things are really good. 


pretty things