Barensfeld + Howell x Freunde von Freunden

Have you died a little inside yet?

So, it seems these two have the perfect apartment located in Brooklyn with pets and plants galore. These are the type of photographs that make me want to spend all my savings and retreat forever.
School is done, summer is starting, trips are rising!


Wait, what's 'the motto' again?

I'm officially done my first semester of University,
 this means I am on summer break.
You feel me?



Lonely Hearts

My personal favourite..
..Wait I like this one too.
Lonely Hearts Autumn/Winter 12
If your love life is lacklustre and your losing faith, don't fret!
Lonely Hearts is there to remind you of all the pretty outfits your going to
be wearing in the future, and spring is the best season for looooove.



power flower

Tomorrow I go to Vancouver. Then I go to San Francisco. Then I go to L.A.
Then to Coachella. Then I go back to San Francisco. 
I've got my flowers all ready to put in my hair, 
some gentle people lined up to meet there, 
and right now I'm at home drinking without care, 
but spilling everywhere.
Due to my wardrobe's accumulation and it currently consisting of 
about 90% chiffon,I am slowly but surely becoming 
a light packer. 

Watch the video above of megababe Nastassia and get in the mood to groove.



Mac Demarco

The first time I met Mac was when he crashed my birthday party this year,
he was with the band so it was alright. We were discussing Four Loko on my decrepit
front porch and about drinking it in California and getting messed up. Then he started talking
about being internet famous and getting paid that way and I thought that was cool.
Turns out Pitchfork rated his new shit 7.2, which is pretty damn fine.
His music is good and he is nice and cool and so are his friends, check him out.





Although this may have been my first Easter ever where I went without a
eggciting egg hunt (wtf mom), it was still pretty nice. It was spent getting drunk off 
vanilla vodka soaked bunny gummies, a festive take on jello shooters (see recipe below), 
eating endless tacos (which should have ended much earlier than they did), 
and making whimsical flower crowns with pretty girls. 
And I am also super eggstatic because on Saturday I'm going to my 
favourite city ever, and then trying out my hand at Coachella. 
So thanks Jesus for the good time. 


1. Go to you local grocery store.
2. Proceed to the bulk aisle.
3. Find the biggest, most tantalizing gummy candies,
grab a bag, and load that mother up. 
(Don't forget to write the item number on the twist tie!)
4. Proceed to check out and go home.
5. Once at home, take out a nice big chilled bottle of 
vanilla vodka from the freezer.
6. Fill a mason jar with previously purchased gummy candies.
7. Cover with said alcohol and screw the lid on tightly.
8. Place in the fridge behind the milk for a couple of days so
you aren't tempted to eat them all every time you 
go to make a sandwich. 
9. After a few days when you run out of milk, 
take them out and consume by the spoonful and get giggly. 

A real fun party treat! Sure to be a hit with all your friends!



H@PPi E@$t3r

Rach's baby mexican bunnies!!
Our fav bunny wabbit
We hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and holiday!
I celebrated by wearing pastels, getting day drunk off of mimosas and smoking
more cigarettes than usual.  Don't you love Lindsay Lohan?


tits out


new shit

Isabel Marant Fall 2012
I've been rather busy lately, school is coming to an end and I continue to maintain
my academic performance while working, socializing, keeping my immune system in top 
shape etc. I keep thinking of this graph and how it certainly doesn't apply to one who
also works a part time job, but thats besides the point. I have been eating out at
incredible restaurants/cafes lately and really spoiling myself! (images will be coming soon)
I also made home made salsa and super-food-fudge that is extremely nutritious and satisfies
 my chocolate cravings. (recipe coming soon 2)