Although this may have been my first Easter ever where I went without a
eggciting egg hunt (wtf mom), it was still pretty nice. It was spent getting drunk off 
vanilla vodka soaked bunny gummies, a festive take on jello shooters (see recipe below), 
eating endless tacos (which should have ended much earlier than they did), 
and making whimsical flower crowns with pretty girls. 
And I am also super eggstatic because on Saturday I'm going to my 
favourite city ever, and then trying out my hand at Coachella. 
So thanks Jesus for the good time. 


1. Go to you local grocery store.
2. Proceed to the bulk aisle.
3. Find the biggest, most tantalizing gummy candies,
grab a bag, and load that mother up. 
(Don't forget to write the item number on the twist tie!)
4. Proceed to check out and go home.
5. Once at home, take out a nice big chilled bottle of 
vanilla vodka from the freezer.
6. Fill a mason jar with previously purchased gummy candies.
7. Cover with said alcohol and screw the lid on tightly.
8. Place in the fridge behind the milk for a couple of days so
you aren't tempted to eat them all every time you 
go to make a sandwich. 
9. After a few days when you run out of milk, 
take them out and consume by the spoonful and get giggly. 

A real fun party treat! Sure to be a hit with all your friends!


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