busy bee

So I just moved to Montreal and unfortunately at the moment I don't have internet access, so until then my post will be rare, brief but hopefully leaving you wanting more. We went to see The War On Drugs the other night and that was DIVINE, not only did they play my favorite Fleetwood Mac while we awaited their presence, but Porcelain Raft (whose signed with 'Secretly Canadian' a wicked label) a one man band that played my heart strings gently while continuing get me to rock out is definitely one to check out. Anyways, I am now going to school, working and living with my best friend and the sweetest animals on earth. Therefore, the east is equally as beautiful as the west and I haven't felt homesick once.. I promise to post photos soon, I feel backlogged with information and photographs but they will all come very soon. Thank you all for being loving and Rach should keep you in the know for now.


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