Tomorrow I will be on a flight to San Francisco to meet up with my darling Rachel and Sky, and although I know we will be listening to a lot of different things, this was the soundtrack to my last weekend and my last weekend was beautiful. Not only was it spent drinking whiskey with funny friends, it also included giving rides to semi-strangers who were constantly breaking into song whilst this mix-tape played. Cork Grips is just one of those really awesome guy blogs that make you want to move to Philadelphia and get married nice and young, I guess California will have to cut it for now. 
 The verdict: catchy as hell and a great ice breaker.



  1. Hey there Bonnie & Rachel,
    this be that kid Haegen.

    Just wanted to say this site looks awesome, stoked to hear your both in SF.
    How Sky's and I's home treats you well.

    Anyhoo, I saw you posted a "Nowness" video and I thought you'd find this interesting...

    Keep it easy

  2. Thanks Haegs, we are currently sitting on a gold paisley couch that is now in your possession!
    Hope all is going well and we love you.