sometimes i forget

Quality, I consider to be something very important to me. It comes up everywhere I go.
In the grocery store while I am buying vegetables (organic and unbruised preferred).
 When I am finalizing a material purchase (designer, material, pattern).
When I am creating a piece of art work or when I sleep.
Ferry reminds us of these simple qualities in everyday life in a series of mundane
 photographs, they seem to have tastes, smells and feelings within each one.

This morning I did the following, 
• Woke up early and laid in my bed of fresh sheets and listened to twin sister.
• Had a warm shower, to wake up my body.
• Made my first perfectly rationed french press of coffee (yum)
 with almond milk and a large spoon of  honey, to wake up my mind.

I also have been dreaming (heavily) on visiting my brother in Nicaragua.
 This winter is getting to me, but my midterms are almost finished and
 I am planning to get out of the city for reading week and relaxing.


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