Hellem vacuum pots, read more here.
Only the sweetest of Macarons!
Singer sewing machines I believe only placed for aesthetic..
My lunch, later added a delectable butternut squash soup.
The vacuum coffee process.

Catherines lunch!
All the images above taken by myself.
In my first couple months of moving to Montreal, I went on a bicycle ride with my close
 friend Myles Miller and he told me we were going somewhere special. Without much expectation,
I peddled steadily behind him. We reached at the dead end of a street, a large,
 bleak industrial building and to my surprise we stepped in.
Falco is a japanese cafe located in the Mile End, and the design inside is heartbreaking.
 If you don't try one of their amazing brunches on Sundays, I suggest you go any other day of the
week for a coffee and whatever their special is. The syphon process in which they make their
 coffee is incredibly interesting to watch, and always delicious.

I have been extremely busy with my studies and work, but I have a lot of special things
to share that are on their way. I just made some banana bread tonight with maple syrup and 
coconut oil that I am eating eagerly.


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