making out behind the school

All images above created by Ed Templeton
All riled up over cool design, jeez.
Images above courtest of PASS PORT
Today, while I was looking at my favourite men's blog MAKR I stumbled upon a
 video they had published of PASS~PORT, a skateboard brand based out of Australia. 
While I watched I began to feel nostalgic for skateboarding culture and began to reminisce 
about how it affected my life, even though I couldn't skate myself.

When I was 13, we would hang out at the skate park everyday, and (probably so I could impress my future boyfriends) I started learning the names of different professional skateboarders, the various companies they skated for, and on occasion would watch skate videos in the basements of my friends houses. It took me awhile to recognize the connection of how all of these faces were creators, as well as 'skaters'. The first artist I recognized was Ed Templeton. His Company 'Toy Machine' was probably the first label I was able to identify (the one-eyed drawings) and my biggest skateboard boy crush Leo Romero, was also sponsored by his company. I later found out about Templeton being intrinsically entwined with other major artists from the 90's when I watched the documentary 'Beautiful Losers'.

Anyways, the point is that skateboard culture was my first look into the collaborative arts world, and I will forever be endowed to the memory of the sunny days on the cement whilst swapping saliva.

Check out PASS PORT here or like their facebook page HERE!

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