Image courtesy of Tourist Magazine, Alex Brunet.
Hello Everyone, looks like I haven't posted in about a month but I honestly have been so busy dropping out of college, experiencing Pop Montreal to its fullest and hanging out with friends that I have lost my intimacy with this little blog and almost the internet entirely. So, here I am making a short post to update and renew your interest.. (hopefully.) Pop Montreal was basically an array of fashion, art and music held within one week, it was incredible. I met and spoke to Christopher Owens of Girls and had the musicians Humans play a show at my house, that was crazy. We all ended up playing music until 5am on my roof, the fact that there were no noise complaints only made the love for my neighborhood stronger. Despite the fact it is raining this evening the weather has been rather warm, which I hear is unusual on this coast. I enjoy ever so often being woken up to thunder though.. (I guess depending on what I did the evening before.) Anyways, for now that is all.

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