Have been infatuated with this song and video for weeks. 
I leave for New York in six days. Even with the amount that I travel I always think I am immune to packing, and hate doing it early, so it's usually done the day of. But since it seems as though all my friends have left our humble stomping grounds, and life has taken an abrupt halt since this busy whirlwind of a summer, there's not much to do around here. I might actually be a responsible adult and start thinking ahead of time about what to bring. Maybe then I won't end up with 17 dresses and one pair of pants like in San Francisco. It wasn't even dress wearing weather. 
P.S. Bonny's dumb and is too busy eating poutine in Montreal to attend to this thing at the moment. Just kidding, she's actually one of the smartest girls I know, she just has a poutine problem.

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