Some of her superb collage.
Grandma Smith
Baby Bloo dog, her girl.

Kayley-Rae is one of those girls who sincerely don't give a fuck, she parties hard and has done some obscene things (kissing Mickey Avalon just to mention) but at the end of the day, she's the girl who is going to take you home, feed you her specialized salad and coffee and get you to pop some advil to feel better. Kayley recently has been modelling for Sitka and other BC based designers, and her future is damn bright. We lived together for a little over 4 months during the summer, we shared clothes and opinions, smoked a lot, worked at the same job, and we still managed to keep a stable relationship. The only reason I think we maintained this was because of our creative minds. 
I love Kayley, and despite the fact that our worlds are separating as I attempt to conquer the
 East and her the West, we will always be in tune.. I guess its a pisces thang'.
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