sashimi shimmy ya!

I'm learning that I have a problem where if I don't have a trip planned in my near future, I feel anxious for some reason. It's like instead of a security blanket I have security travel plans. Fuck material possessions, right? My next trip is to San Francisco. Thinking of hitting up Outside Lands with some good peeps. Bonny went last year, but this year's line up is double the trouble. I'm talking The Arcade Fire, Black Keys (NEED to see live), MGMT (not that good live but hey, for old time's sake), Girl Talk (brain + body explosion live), The Shins (nostaligia), Big Boi (?!?!), CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH!!!!! (MAIN REASON FOR WANTING TO GO), Major Lazer (YEP), Sia (mmmm), Best Coast (love/hate relationship right now), Phantogram (so good live), Toro Y Moi, and lots more that I'm not hip enough to know about. That a line up delicious enough to for me to drop a fatty dolla on a plane ticket. 
Damn, I'm starting to get real good and excited for this summer. 
Wow, talk about lack of sleep induced rambling.

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