hey mom, I'm still alive

The rumours are true. We have returned home. And with only minor bruises at that. 
I don't really know what to say when people ask how my trip was. Because it was such a trip, and very difficult to transcribe into words. The real world is hard to adjust to, and at the moment I have to push the memories aside in order to focus on the tasks at hand but highlights include:

-crowd surfing to Rill Rill at Sleigh Bells 
-hugging half of Ratatat
-shotgunning beer on the roof of cars at 9am
-Wolf Parade's last show
-all our new friends
-Best Coast getting a bloody fake finger thrown at her
-being in Reggie Watt's presence
-having strangers buy us beer and burritos
-the drive down
-reuniting with the family
-the balloons and confetti
-all the goddamn great people
-and much much more that I'm not willing to share

Hopefully more memories will come to me periodically, but as for now I'm still pretty dazed. 
In the best way possible.
Pictures coming soon.

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