spring sprang sprung

My first macaroon!

Above are some images courtesy of the very talented Lauren Treece, they all have a dark magic feel with bright hues and orange tones. She continues to mystify me with her talent.  The Obakki show was beautiful, as Rachel said, and I think I had the best time I have ever had in Vancouver, this entailed dressing up, eating Mcdonalds in that said attire, drinking tea, going to dog parks, so much laughter and attempting to watch the human centipede. Aside from the last bit, it was perfect. Kayley-Rae of Non Violent Non Compliance kept us housed and entertained, as well as another friend Shannon who fed us soup and tea and let us in her beautiful apartment, all fellow pisces. Rachel wore a leather dress and a mustard blazer and looked divine, and I wore a long black maxi with one of Sondercroft's body chains, holla! Above is an image of Kayley and I that Rachel took before the event. 
Sorry I haven't been posting I have been lazy and hungover, but now I am preparing for Sasquatch and it is all so exciting, watch out for my Cabriolet 'Bessy' because she will be hitting the road this year all shined up.


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