lizard king

I had a profound day today, and I understand how I will sound like a complete asshole as soon as those words come off my lips, but I did. It began with waking up to the most insecure of dreams that usual plague my sleep, worst case scenarios that I rarely inquire when I am fully conscious. It was a good sleep though because I knew I wouldn't have to wake up early, although I did, I knew that I could sleep in if I wanted because it was my day off. I went to a fitness class, drank mate, and went home to where I lay in bed for almost four hours watching vbs. This included watching Lizard Kings, the inhabited sewers of Bogota, and a series with Hamilton Morris. Later, I picked up a hitch hiker who had taking the exact course I plan to take next fall and made my mom a delicious dinner while we listed to this.
I suggest you listen to 'this' because it is beautiful and heart breaking.
Thats all for now folks.

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