up all night

Stone Cold Fox shorts, egad!
Technically, it is tomorrow already since it is 12:19am, I have had a long day.
Tomorrow (or today?) I have to hand in all my bursary and scholarship applications, and because I have taken the time out of my schedule I will be prepared to hand them in, but I have had a long day. I think my favourite point of this day was eating strawberries and frozen yogurt, which I led myself to believe was a healthy option, and then was told it was not? Can someone explain this to me? Maybe I am in an unfit state to be told anything. I also got my Leica! and Rachel purchased some expired film for me, so I am await those rolls of film to fill the empty spaces of its little body.  Anyways, the images above, especially the one directly above, are very inspirational for me in this very moment, I think its because I am very exhausted and feel this tenacity of tiredness and emotion.  
It is raining and I can hear the pitter-patter on my skylight, I am dreaming of curling up in my fresh sheets but I think I drank too much black tea to ever get to sleep again. Oh-dear.


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