I have been lethargic with posting lately due to half days and barely being at home. Last night though, I spent with Leilani my dear friend who just returned from India. We made mini pizza pockets, and ate home made apple pie and she gave me an early birthday gift. A petal pink scarf that still smelt like her indian daydreams and a divinely cut crystal. I also received a very special birthday letter she wrote to me on her trip home. I am in awe of her beauty and her grace. I promise I will post more these coming weeks because I am about to begin my spring break(!) and my birthday is in nine days.
I thought this post would make up for the humour the last couple days, with straight lovely girly shit.
I want a birthday cake like this.



  1. the skarf and letter sound like perfect gifts
    I love the images in this post too

  2. Yes its pashmina and so soft! I am going to attempt to bake that cake. -B