life in San Francisco

I always listen to "San Francisco Knights" by People Under the Stairs
while flying into this city.
Butterflies by Swoon.
San Francisco is the only city in the world where I actually like dogs. 
My boy Sky rippin' on the synth.
Good form, me.
Innocence contradicted.
Beach House at The Fillmore
Shopping for wine in the dark!
Anything goes.
Incredible headpiece by Monica Canilao.
Sky modeling said headpiece.
 Because most of my actual photos are still residing in unfinished rolls of film 
and undeveloped disposable cameras, this is the best I can do at the moment, 
but they are soon to be born.
I'm going to live in this city one day.


  1. beautiful pics!! i'm going to san francisco in 12 days and cannot wait! i have never been out there...but i have a feeling i won't want to leave :-)

  2. Oh my god. I can't even look at this post, it makes me miss it too much.
    You will leave your heart in San Francisco, there is no way around it unfortunately. More photos are to come. Have soooooo much fun.