have a cup of my tea

Above is a picture taken this morning. 
As Bonny has taught me, when you rise with the sun, your rise with everything 
else that is coming into the light. I felt that surge of power this morning 
which continued to fuel me for the entirety of my busy, busy day. 
The incredible latte Whitney brought me at lunch may have contributed as well. 
Holla Whit! 
We're getting hyphy over our brewing creative endeavours. 
Last night we had a pow-wow of inspirational manifestation. 
It included but was not limited to: 
designing and collaging, a delicious salad, too much Keyboard Cat, playing dress-up, 
an impromptu photo shoot, and a cigar. 
The latter may or may not have been a bad idea. 
I hope you've watched the video we posted below. Obseeeeessssssed.

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