going places

Since I'm leaving for San Francisco in a week, 
I thought it'd be fitting to post this.
I met Monica Canilao back in the summer when I was staying in San Francisco. 
I remember during a family dinner one night, instead of excusing herself from the occasion, she brought over all of her tools and creative utensils to sprawl upon the floors and tables to urgently finish a piece that was to appear in the New York Times the next day. I was impressed and intrigued.

I then went to Oakland where we slept at Harry and Monica's Golden Palace, which was an experience I won't soon forget, and for good reason.

Here are some pictures documenting only a sliver of the adventure.
We rode bikes and explored abandoned churches.
And I remember her talking about a thing she was going to do for
 Juxtapoz Magazine in Detroit, and I have just recently stumbled 
across the results, which are even more stunning than expected. 
Read the whole story here.
Tostada Tuesday. Sky, Monica, Harry.


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