walk upon the river like it's easier than land

I spent the majority of today's day catching up on sleep I have been recently deprived from. 
I also listened to Twin Sister and baked almond biscotti's with a chocolate cinnamon drizzle.
Upon making them, I realized I didn't have as many eggs as the recipe called for. 
Being able to step outside into the cold bright winter day to collect eggs from the henhouse really beats going to the store. The eggs are from a beautiful breed of birds called Lavender Orpingtons, which I know you city kids could care less about, 
but fuck that, anyways as the name describes, they really are lavender-greyish in colour. 
Neat, huh?
I'm getting ready to go out now.
Peach cider.
Love Is All (live) - Tallest Man on Earth

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