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Very cool blog.
I'm curious about the story behind your blog's title. It's very unique and pretty darn catchy...
maybe just to me because I'm a bit OCD.

Rachel and I one day were laying in bed, feeling creative and inspired and decided it was the time to create 'This Symmetry'. We had spoke of starting a blog together before, but we hadn't planned that far forward. All we knew was that we wanted a place to publish what inspired us and for people with mutual interests to have the same. We started off with Symmetry, I was inspired by this from sacred geometry and the Fibonacci spiral. There is symmetry in everything, especially art, nature, fashion, photography etcetera so basing our blog around this would be considering all factors we are interested and love. This sums us both up quite nicely. We did not want the symmetry, or symmetry by itself, but this because it stands for it being ours. This Symmetry explains our symmetry and our work/inspirations.
Hope that sums it up for you! Any other questions anybody has please comment below.


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