friday night mash by Rach

Real You (Lil B VS. Gold Panda) by Hood Internet
I haven't done a mashup list in a while, so why not start it out with a bang? Gold Panda's "You" was sick on it's own, and you could basically slap any old lyrics on it and make it even more golden, but this in particular works well.  
Go Hahahaha (Das Racist VS. Cults) by Hood Internet
"Go Outside" by Cults was one of the best summer songs by far, and was perfect to start your day to. Now that it's winter, having it reinvented by Hood Internet is perfect. Thanks guys.
Lung Cancer by The Kleptones
I'm just a sucker for Thom Yorke's voice. Thom gets funky on this one. I like to picture him clapping along and dancing to the trumpet. 
Crowns by Vinyl Tap
I wasn't familiar with Vinyl Tap, but whoever it is has proved their self to me with this one. 
 A Milli Guitars (Sleigh Bells VS. Lil Wayne) by DJ O-Face
You may be catching on to a certain theme by now involving Sleigh Bells...
Sleigh-Z (Jay-Z vs. Sleigh Bells)
This one is the best of the three. For obvious reasons. 
1 good song+1 good song = 1 really good song. 

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