violet & grey

Bonjour, good evening. 
I just got off work and actually had quite a beautiful day, despite the 8 hour shift that lasted from dawn to dusk. It snowed overnight, and I woke up this morning to the bluest early morning skies and light. I have been carrying my camera with me lately (digital) so photos will be up sooner than later, although the slide film will take longer to develop. Last night I attended a surprise birthday party and I remembered my fantasies as a child of having my own, sadly, that is not something you can establish for yourself. It was lovely to see someone so genuinely surprised and pleased, and I ate, drank and was introduced to more spectacular people. 
I also purchased this suede purse and dress (shown above) for 3 dollars. 
I am also very very in love with this song.


  1. Your blog might be the most girly thing i have ever followed on the internet but i'm strangely drawn to it. Some of these images are so beautiful, that cloud one is going straight into my scrap book. Thank you very much!