5 Good Mashups Friday

It's Friday, and since I thought it was Thursday until 4pm today, I don't have any elaborate plans for tonight. Which feels strange, but I'ma go wit' it. I've compiled a little gift for you. 
The gift of mashups. These have been my favourites lately:
No Sex For Cali - Lezington Blend
I'm a sucker for Biggie. And this is well done.
Close to Konichiwa - A Plus D
I don't listen to Robyn, but this makes me want to. And the use of The Cure is automatic approval in my books. 
Teach Me How To Say It Ain't So - Justincase
Let's just say I know how to dougie. I actually teach it on Wednesdays from 4-6pm at the community church. This is a lovely little mix up from the legendary original. 
Paper Heartbeats - DJ Topcat
Groovy shit.
I Don't Blame You For Shinin' And Grindin' - The Hood Internet
Cat Power's piano makes it.


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